Aerial Workshops

Virtual workshops designed for independent students.

In-person workshops can also be arranged with studio owners. Get in touch for further details.

silks geometry aerial workshop

Silks Geometry

work those angles

Level: Intermediate – Advanced

In this workshop you will learn split silk sequences that place emphasis on line, shape and angles to create a strong visual impact whilst using interesting transitions to replace familiar pathways.

Loop & Crosses

Crossed arms & looped silks

Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Learn Siobhan’s most popular signature creations and discover how to use only crossed arms or a loop of silk to keep you suspended in the air. Striking shapes are woven together with innovative transitions to create flowing and original sequences.

loops and crosses aerial workshop
open silks aerial workshop

Open Silks

A new perspective

Level: Intermediate

The intricate and multidimensional nature of aerial silk offers endless possibilities! You’ll finish this workshop with a new understanding of how to use an open silk to enhance your aerial practice.

Arm Wraps

level up your wraps

Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Learn unique arm wrap sequences and level up your aerial vocabulary in this virtual masterclass. Siobhan teaches each of her signature sequences in step-by-step tutorials, with regressions and progressions provided for each.

arm wraps aerial workshop

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